My Family


I’ve been married to my beautiful wife for over 21 years! We have 6 wonderful kids:  Brianna (19), Autumn (18), Courtney (16), Zeke (8), Manny (7) and Juan (7). And, we continue to be active as Foster Parents as well! Here’s a glimpse into Team Bloodworth:

Christy — grew up in Norton, KS from a great family.  She is the best teammate and wife in the world!  She’s an awesome athlete (volleyball) as well as an avid runner. She has run in 3 PF Chang’s Half Marathons, the Run for Ryan House half marathon, Hope for Heroes run, and the AZ Ragnar Relay. She works from home and is the most dedicated teammate, wife, mom, and foster parent

Brianna — became a baptized Christ-follower at age 8.  She is a freshman at Grand Canyon University, where she received the Servant Leader scholarship. She is Majoring in Education with a Minor in Christian Studies  She feels called by God to full-time vocational ministry and hopes to work in a Christian school. Perhaps even as a missionary! She is active in serving at Christ’s Church of the Valley’s High School ministry and in the Young Adult program called 1:11. She somehow found the time to add being a part-time manager at Chick-fil-A.

Autumn — became a baptized Christ-follower at age 9.  She excels scholastically and is the Student Body Vice-President at her high school this year. She is also captain of the Varsity soccer team, where she alternates between midfielder and defense.  She feels called by God to full-time vocational ministry and hopes to be a Pastor someday. She is looking to attend Manhattan Christian College in the fall of 2015. She serves on the Junior High ministry team at Christ’s Church of the Valley.

Courtney — became a baptized Christ-follower at age 10.  She is quick-witted and loves dancing and cheerleading. She currently serves in our children’s ministry CCV’s Surprise campus, where she helps lead worship for kids.  She is the life of the party, the self-proclaimed queen of social media. She hopes to be a social worker someday. And by the way…she also says she wants to live at our home till she’s 30.

Zeke — was adopted at birth. (I was adopted at 3 months). He loves hanging out with dad, playing Star Wars, legos, and mainly\\ football, basketball, soccer, and baseball where he’s earned the name “big hitter”.  This year, he’ll start taking drum lessons. He has an aptitude for music, and tumbling. He can pull off flips that take years to land.

Manny & Juan — are the newest ‘additions’ to our family!  Their adoption was final in 2014 and we’re so excited to welcome them into our home.  Manny is small, but fearless.  Juan is loyal and . They are both energetic and full of energy, which keeps us on our toes.  Manny loves soccer and announced to his entire Kindergarten class that he wants to be a ‘garbage man’ when he grows up.  Juan loves to ride his bike and play video games.  He also likes football.  They are getting used to their new family and we are so excited to build new memories with them.


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