Outside the Box

Posted: August 2, 2013 in Videos

Football–Trick Play

How many times have you seen the SAME THING done the SAME WAY?  I’ve watched football weekly for the past 40+ years.  I have seen countless plays where the center snaps the ball between his legs, and the play begins.

But I have never seen this.  I don’t think the defense had, either.

The result?  A TOUCHDOWN!

Sometimes it’s good to do the UNEXPECTED.

Sometimes it’s refreshing to try SOMETHING NEW.

Sometimes it’s great to THROW THE CURVE.

Sometimes it’s great to DO THE OPPOSITE of what you’ve done hundreds of times before. (Seinfeld, anyone?)

If not, we get stuck in a ROUTINE. And if we’re not careful, ROUTINES can lead to RUTS.

Ever feel like you’re IN A RUT…

…when it comes to your marriage?

…in your finances?

…in your friendships?

…when it comes to your faith?

It’s time to try something new. It’s time to run a different play.

It’s time to think OUTSIDE THE BOX.

Ready to put some points on the board?


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