“The Hands”–Wedding Thought

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Random Thoughts
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This was originally done at our wedding back on September 6, 1993. My dad wrote it, and I added the “book” section later.  Here is the way I perform this at weddings all over the Valley. Hope it strengthens the bond you have with your spouse!

From the book Married for Life  Written by a young man whose parents had been married 50+ yrs.

“It starts with a tiny fist wrapped around a mother’s finger. It continues with a young hand gently in one much larger.  It endures through puppy love, adolescent relationships, and courtship.  And if we are wise, it extends into marriage, through middle age, beyond the golden years, to the very end of life.

          Holding hands is one of the most intimate expressions of love between two human beings.

          Don’t ever let this beautiful act slip away from you.  It’s so much more than a gesture of affection, so much greater than a mere symbol of connection.  It’s an incredibly meaningful communication, a deep connection in and of itself.  It requires no words; in fact, no words can convey such a profound message.

          Why would two people ever stop holding hands?  Perhaps it seems silly, somehow undignified, when we’re older and have been married a long time.  We may begin to think such things were meant only for young lovers and newlyweds.  Thant’s far from true!  Besides its many other purposes, holding hands helps satisfy the basic human need for physical touch, a need we never outgrow.

          Hold your spouse’s hand throughout your life together; don’t ever let it go until the day when you’ve fulfilled every marriage vow and finally release it from your grasp, placing it lovingly, trustingly into the hand of God.

Psalm 73: 23-24  I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, and afterward will take me into glory.

BRIDE, please take GROOM’s hands and look at them with the palms facing up.

          These are the hands…

-young, strong, vibrant with love that will hold yours with gladness on this your wedding day as he promises to love you all the days of your life.

-that one day, God willing, you will place beneath your heart where he will feel his child stir within your womb.

-that will work long hours, helping to provide for his family.

-that will countless times wipe tears of sorrow and joy from your eyes.

-that will comfort you in times of sickness or grief and guard you in times of fear.

GROOM, please take BRIDE’s hands and look at them with the palms facing up.

          These are the hands…

-that will hold yours with joy on this your wedding day as she promises to love you all the days of your life.

-that will work diligently in helping to make the house into a home.

-that one day, God willing, will hold yours in wonder and excitement to announce the coming of your child; that the two of you have created new    life.

-that will comfort you in times of discouragement and laugh with you through times of joy.

-that may one day wipe tears from your eyes in awe that you would cry for her.

GROOM & BRIDE, these are the hands…these four hands will work together all of your years.  May they serve as a testimony to family and friends far and wide of the wondrous bond of marriage.  May God bless these hands today.


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